Online Interior Design

Breathing high-end life into the everyday

How it works:

1. Video call with Interior Designer

You will provide photos, measurements, budget guidelines, and inspiration photos. We will then have a 45 min video call in order to sort out all of the details

2. Design scheme review

Within 5 days of our call, you will receive two (or more) furniture layout options. As well as a design color scheme with preliminary furniture selections

3. Completed design package

Within 7 days of the design scheme review, we will provide you with a fully customized design package in order to nail down your desired look

Your final custom design package will include:

  • Furniture plan with dimensions and the designer’s comments

  • Rendered image of the design board with the selected furniture

  • A budget plan/spredsheet with shopping links, prices, and estimated arrival time

  • We will have a 30 min video call after the installation to make sure you’re happy with the result!

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Final Design Package sample (pdf)